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  1. Is there anyone out there who has gone through either Tri-C's nursing program, or the new Cleveland Clinic 4 semester nursing program? Would like to get some comments on either/both programs before starting this fall. Thanks
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  3. by   yu673
    Hi there,
    Tri-C has a very hard curiculum. Well, I passed: both Nclex and school.
    Our class originaly started with 40 students, and just 23 finished. I was in Accelerated program, which means all students already graduated from four years degree schools.
    I never study so hard in my life (average 5-7 hours per day).
    The instructors can be tricky. They will lecture just highlights and ask on the test tinny, little things from the book.
    Tri-C is very proud on their NCLEX passing score-98.8%. Better than Case Western, but to reach that level Tri-C will fail 50% of future nurses.

    Good Luck

    P.S. 23 of use survived Tri-C and all of us passed NCLEX first time!
  4. by   mommymaryRN
    Hey everyone,

    Just out of curiosity I thought I'd see what what said about Tri-C here. I am a clinical instructor for Tri-C, so I have been on both ends of the spectrum. So here's my comment. While I do agree to a certain extent with the Tri-C grads comments about the tests and nursing program being tricky, let me say a couple things about nursing school and its students. Here's what I've learned from having gone to nursing school myself and having taught for Tri-C.... first off becoming a nurse is a privilege, not your God given right just because you attended nursing school. You do have to earn your degree and license. You will have people's lives in your hands, and I can't tell you the amounts of SCARY individuals that have past my way. These people thought that just because they were accepted into the nursing program, that somehow they were guaranteed to be a nurse. Passing your classes DOES NOT make you a competent nurse. Every time you go to work, you need to be able to critically think so that your patient lives. Their family entrusts you with the life of someone they love. I lost my sister-in-law because of incompetent nursing. I was on vacation, and when I came back she was practically dead. She died of septic shock, and all she was admitted for was a blood transfusion. See how this works? Her mother and father had no idea what was going on, they're lay people.
    So to sum things up.... I graduated from Cleveland State's nursing program w/ a BSN. It was by far the hardest I have EVER had to do in my life. When I tell my students that I went through 47 hours of labor and 2 1/2 of pushing with my first son, and then tell them that I would rather do that 20 more times than go to nursing school.... I think you get the point. You learn to be a good nurse from other experienced nurses, but fortunately for the general population nursing school weeds out some of these shady characters. Not everyone is meant to be a nurse, or at least an RN. Please try to keep this in mind. The staff at Tri-C are not all evil, myself included. By the way... when did you graduate? Just curious.
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  5. by   nicki123
    I have gone to their RN and LPN program. They are very nasty and cruel and unfair. If possiable, avoid them.
  6. by   creativemom
    I went to TriC Metro for the STNA program, am currently attending the PCNA training at Cleveland Clinic, and am attending the accelerated program at Kent State University.

    I loved the Metro campus of Tri-C. Catherine Quinnie is the professor to get for that course! She's amazing, patient, knowledgeable and FUN!

    The difference between PCNA training at CC and STNA training at any other school is that STNA means "state tested" you earn a license. So that means you can work as a caregiver, aka nurses assistant, at any medical facility.

    Getting PCNA training at Cleveland Clinic means that you get nursing assistant training however you can't take the state test. So you're not state licensed and you cannot work at any other medical facility due to not being state tested. BIG DIFFERENCE!

    However I LOVED my PCNA training at Cleveland Clinic. It's totally current in medical technology and procedures. Very thorough. You must study the guides that they give you for the testing so during the two weeks make sure to take notes and review. For me, working for the Cleveland Clinic has been the best experience! I love it!

    Per Kent State University accelerated program. I LOVE both the Geauga and Kent Main Campus. I find it better than the TriC program. KSU is equipped with more modern equipment and technology. A lot closer to the "working experience" than what I've experienced at TriC.

    Take a tour of each facility and see for yourself. Take a class at both campuses and then decide. What we love and like may not be your "cup of tea".

  7. by   sandy792
    I would strongly urge people to avoid the Tri-C nursing program. The will set you up for failure. I have an advanced degree and would consider myself well above average and my future with the nursing program is in great jeopardy.

    We are part of an experimental program at tri-c where they provide us with pre-recorded lectures and have class two hours a week. We are basically responsible for teaching ourselves all of the information. They give us no test preparation whatsoever. The test questions do not come from the pre-recorded lectures. Sometimes they pull a little sentence out of the book as a test question. Sometimes, the questions do not even come from the book or online lectures. When we ask them what we should study, they tell us "everything". This method is obviously not working for 90% of the students. They really need to consolidate or highlight the important material that we need to know as a nurse instead of inundating us with a overabundance of insignificant material that we forget as soon as we are done with the test.

    The program is disorganized and the instructors are not helpful at all. From what I understand, Tri-C has a 100% first time pass rate on the NCLEX exam. I suspect they are trying to flunk out all of the students that they feel will not pass first time around. Why not make it mandatory to take a Kaplan NCLEX review course upon completion of the program instead if purposely trying to flunk out so many students.

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