CSCC Nursing starting Spring 2012

  1. Hi Everyone, I will be starting the Nursing program at CSCC during Spring Quarter 2012. I am relatively new to this so if someone has already posted then sorry for a double post. I was wanting to start purchasing things now to help from having all of the cost at one time so any information would be great. Also any general advice, tips, do's and dont's are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    I'm currently a 2nd quarter CSCC student. There are a few other CSCC students around here as well. We will all be more than happy to help You will likely be seeing me in the spring as well - I will be doing the supplemental instruction for NURS 100.

    For starts, get yourself a stethoscope, a penlight, and a gait belt. Hard to tell on textbooks since there may be newer editions out or the program could always decide to switch it up. As for now, relax and enjoy your free time. Knock out as many non-nursing classes as possible. You will NOT want to take anything but nursing classes once it starts because it is very overwhelming!

    Feel free to PM me for specific info!
  4. by   merricks4
    Hello I am new to this site as well I have posted a few questions. I'm trying to see if anyone has takethe hesi entrance exam recently. I am an lpn an have to take it for the lpn to rn bridge in a couple weeks and I am nervous because I don't know what to expect please help! Thanks!