considering move near wright-patterson afb

  1. We're considering a move from CA to OH. I'm a psych RN with experience in NICU also. Are there many opportunies for an RN near Wright-Patterson AFB? We were considering moving near Yellow Springs, OH as have heard many good things about the area. We have two young children and a good elementary school is important. I would prefer to work at Wright-Pat or a nearby VA medical center (would like to get good retirement benefits and I'm a vet, so could get veterans preference). Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   fitRNpic
    You should post this in the Military/government nursing section. You may get a lot more responses from nurses that work at Wright-Patterson.
  4. by   kaye-b
    I'm still in school, so I don't know exactly, but I've been keeping an eye on the general RN job postings & it seems to be fine. With that being said, I don't typically see alot of military jobs, though. The base & VA both go thru ... so if that's specifically where you want, keep an eye on there. You can sign of for notifications as well.
  5. by   mjm1979
    Wright Patt frequently has openings for RNs posted in the paper. From what I understand it's not incredibly difficult to get on there. Here is the number for the VAs Nurse Recruiter (937) 268-6511 X1141. Dayton VA Medical Center Home Page - VA Healthcare System of Ohio is their website. They frequently have RN openings as well. Pay is lousy, benefits are good. As far as school systems, Oakwood, Bellbrook, Beavercreek are the best in the area. Don't know as much about the ones further north.
  6. by   babblingbrook
    Thanks for the resources. When you say the pay is lousy, how bad is it? Here in CA the VA pay starts at $31.
  7. by   mjm1979
    I'm thinking it's more like $21 an hour. I don't remember for sure. My nursing school classes were at the VA and we talked to some nurses there and I remember that RN salaries were low. Now this has been two years and I don't remember the numbers they gave, and I don't know if one gets a higher starting salary if s/he is a veteran. I'm a PN and they start you out at the VA at $13 an hour. I loved working with the vets, but that is a ridiculous salary. With the intense training, the liability hanging over your head, etc, I just couldn't work for $13 an hour. They start coders out at around $19 an hour.... My sister works there, I'll ask her if she can walk over to the job postings on her break and see what the salary ranges are for any postings that are currently up for RN positions.
  8. by   mjm1979
    My sister said she would try to look at the board tomorrow as she's very busy today. I saw a posting for an RN position at Wright Patt and there was a pretty big salary range. So with experience and being a vet I'd think that would command a salary at the higher end. The range was $47,448 - $89,450.
  9. by   VinoLover2030
    any updates on job postings for RN's at Wright patt?
  10. by   mjm1979
    Hey there! There wasn't an ad in the DDN today. I tried to look online and my computer crashed. I did check the usajobs site and only saw a couple of Dayton VA postings, no Wright Patt.

    SShannon, I posted a question a couple of days ago to you on another thread! I read where you went to Rio Grande for the LPN-RN bridge program. Was it the online program? I've never taken an online course in my life and I'm wondering how difficult it would be to take nursing classes online. I work part-time and want to continue and we still have our two kids at home... so I'm a busy gal. Is it doable or really tough? I live in the Dayton area, so I dread the drive for clinicals, but one day a week as opposed to three at Sinclair (plus two classroom days) would leave me more available on the job. Also, I was wondering how they do labs in the online program? Thanks!
  11. by   ktstato
    Quote from SShannon81
    any updates on job postings for RN's at Wright patt?
    Fellow Rio Grande grad (survivor!!)
  12. by   nurse2it
    wright patt uses some civilian nurses that are considered contractors, one agency they have used is RLM Services. Usually the pay is higher, good benefits, etc. Yellow Springs is a small village about a 15-20 minute drive from the base hospital, a nice little place with interesting shops, great restaurants but affordable housing may be hard to a google search for government nurses, i'm sure there are other agencies that do business with wright patt, good luck
  13. by   Jmitch
    It would be hard to get a job at wright patt med center. They first hire active duty then spouses and dependents.