Cleveland area RN on probation?

  1. Is there an RN in the Cleveland area who is on probation and trying to find work? I do know of a probation friendly employer. I am on probation myself. It may not be a typical dream job but it is a job that satisfies the OBN's requirement that you work as a nurse.It can be hectic at times, but nothing like a CCU or ICU. Get a hold of me and I will tell you more. I remember how awful I felt when I could not find work. I only wished someone else would tell me where to look.
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  3. by   CJEgglestonLPN
    Kinda off ur subject, but are they hiring LPNs by any chance?
  4. by   mi vidaloca
    I wish they did. Has to do with Ohio's silly law that only an RN can assess. I don't agree with it, but we are stuck with it.
  5. by   Smartin333
    Please tell me where there is a facility that will hire a nurse on probation! Thank you
  6. by   mi vidaloca
  7. by   adh06
    Do you have any contact info with anyone at Plasmacare?
  8. by   mi vidaloca