Beckfield College?

  1. Hi I'm new to this site. I have been out of high school for a year and I am wanting to go into nursing school. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience with Beckfield College in Tri-county? Or any other nursing schools around the area?
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  3. by   Gino8632
    Beckfield has a great nursing program. The admissions person for the nursing program there is Dannielle and she will sit down with you to answer all of your questions. Their next nursing class starts in October. I would check them out for yourself. Good luck and make the decision for what you think is best for you!
  4. by   Tim92
    Also, I have some questions about Beckfield too if you don't me asking. (=
    Is the admissions hard? Is the program accreditted? When I graduate will I be able to get a job at lets say a place like Jewish or Christ hospital?
    Thanks! (=
    there are many choices when it comes to nursing schools in the tri-state area. make sure you ask several important questions up front and then verify the answers with appropriate organizations like the ohio board of nursing and the kentucky board of nursing:
    1) does your school have a wait list for actual nursing courses? (in other words, how long will i be taking general education and pre-requisite classes before i get to apply into nursing and what are my chances of being accepted at that stage)?
    2) what is your school's pass rate on the state licensure exam? no lpn or rn works without a license and you can gauge how good a school is by the nclex pass rate (needs to be at least 85% in kentucky and 95% in ohio)
    3) what is your nursing program's retention rate? a school could have a high nclex pass rate, but a very low retention rate - both are important.
    4) if i finish my lpn or rn program at your school, will another nursing school accept me into their rn associate's degree (adn) or rn bachelor's degree (bsn) program?
    beckfield college in florence kentucky has every step in the nursing career track, 15 month lpn - 24 month rn associate's degree and a bsn program for those who already have a rn associate's and current licensure. you can complete each level as you see fit and there are no wait lists. beckfield college florence kentucky also has very acceptable pass rates. in 2010 the nclex-rn pass rate was 90% and the nclex-lpn pass rate was 95%. this is verifiable through the kentucky board of nursing. good luck in your pursuit of a nursing career!
    @tim92 - admissions processes at nursing schools should be at the least "qualifying" some may interpret that as "hard". some schools let everybody in with no conscious measure of their ability to be successful in nursing courses (which are hard!) - these are the schools with the 2-3 year wait lists. comfortable school choices but not always effective school choices, as wait list schools typically have lower pass rates on the state licensure exam. programs of nursing are not "accredited", nursing programs are "approved" by the board of nursing at the state level (kbn in kentucky). schools of nursing can be "accredited" but that type of accreditation (such as the national league of nursing) is not a requirement by any means - it's an extra step that may allow a school's nursing grads to work in specific areas such as va hospitals. beckfield college nursing grads have been hired in to almost every tri-state area hospital over the years - including jewish and christ!
  7. by   ashleeg0107
    Did you end up going to Beckfield? How do you like it?