Aspiring to become an RN/BSN..Have some education..HELP/Advice please....

  1. Okay so here's my situation, currently. I live in Southeast Ohio, near Washington State Community College, Belmont Community College, Ohio University-Zanesville, and I am within an hour and a half of COTC-Newark Campus.

    Here's the deal, I hold my MA in leadership and BA in business management, organization. I am 13 classes away from an ADN/R.N.(plus the NCLEX test of course) and I am trying to decide which route is the BEST. I 'must' work at least part-time, if/when I would get to the point of when I have to do clinicals, etc. I also am an STNA and work in a nursing home third shift, might I add. At any rate, most recently, I applied to COTC-Newark Campus, because I 'thought' some coursework would be online, such as some of the A&P, Chem coursework. However, I am seeing that summer semester will require me going to campus. Not that that is a bad idea, but this college has no waiting list and so, they require me to take an entrance exam entitled TEAS test to get in, which does NOT guarantee me a spot in the program, as I've been advised that my TEAS exam scores and my background education and gpa, etc. will all be considered. I can take and retake the TEAS exam as many times as I'd like-of course at $50 each time(LOL), and try to bring up my scores as high as possible, contributory of this(each time will erase the prior, as they will go with most recent scores). I am wondering if I have selected the right school, at this point as I'm not sure the best route to do what I seek to do. I attended a nursing informational session, where we all were informed that we should also apply for the LPN program(should I, is MY question?)?! The instructor was advising that we should all have a back-up plan in case we aren't accepted into the program.

    The earliest I can even be 'looked at' for possible admittance to the program would be September 1, 2013 thereby leading to January 2014 being my earliest point to start the program. I would like to get started in a program ASAP. I graduated with my MA at a 3.53 gpa from Malone University and I can obtain letters of reference for any school. Again, at COTC, the TEAS exam is the main thing. I have so much coursework already, that that is why I only need 13 courses. Oh, yes and also let me mention that when I look at program pre-reqs, my main things are A&P I/II, as well as chemistry and microbiology. Once in any nursing program, I have met most all requirements of 'side course work'. It is possible that I need an Algebra course, it just depends on the particular school, as I have had algebra already(sigh).

    I guess I am hoping to gain some insight from somewhere/someone as to maybe something I have not thought of? I had thought of Ohio University-Zanesville, but quite honestly-their waiting list of 2-3 years is what steered me away. At this point in my life at the age nearing me of 40 and having already had all my other education, I am just wanting to get in, do it and be done, and I have a great educational track records grade-wise along with references and of course, many courses that are requirements in the right direction.

    Advice anyone?
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  3. by   2bEQNurse14
    I have been a student at COTC since sept 2011 and just got into the ADN program starting this summer. First of all, I would not pay much attention to the 'scare tactics' used in the information meeting. If you are a good student, have above average teas scores, and jump through all the hoops(STNA certification, background check, ect), you are good to go.

    With the stage you are at, I would not even bother with the LPN. It's 3 compared to 5 semesters, plus you then have to pass the NCLEX-PN, take the TEAS again for LPN-RN, wait to hear if you got in, and have a much slimmer chance of getting in as not as many seats are available in the transition program. Then you take the NCLEX again, and it just all gets drawn out.

    It's personal preference, but I would stick with COTC. I have loved everything about the school and the instructors actually want you to succeed!

    Good luck!
  4. by   tay321
    I applied for the program at ou zanesville and got right in. Have you talked to them about the waiting list? I applied in February and start in may.