Anyone work for Litigation Management in OH?

  1. I had a very bad experience with them - wondering if I was the only one?
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  3. by   mchrisrn
    Hi jlasrrn..i had applied for a position there! No one ever even called me. I am not totally computer savvy. Could you share your experience at all? I had applied for a "analyst-work-at home" position involving a couple months on-site training. The job was inactive about a month ago and now has been re-posted as active in early September! Thanks for any info..I am very curious................
  4. by   jlasrrn
    Hi, thanks for responding. they actually sent me info about working there as -work-at-home analyst, since i do not live in OH. they called me several times, seemed unorganized. but i was totally honest about my computer skills and i had just become a legal nurse consultant - but i told them that. then they made me take a pre-test. then they hired me. but they made me jump through a lot of hoops which were time consuming. they had a on-line interative training session and then a training case, which i followed directions to the letter (and was very similar to the pre-test). I also noticed that everyone of the contacts at the company sounded very young - made me wonder. i started to work on the second case there was to be another training class later that week. (all the work was timed with specific due dates and times) after i had started on the second one, they called and fired me!! and when i asked why she was nasty! you don't know me, but i have been an RN for over 20 years and worked even in school and i have never been fired! i asked why and she said poor quality work. my bosses have always praised my work and i am a very hard worker. so i was really upset. after all, the pre-hire test was virtually the same as the other. anyway, i was mortified, so i wondered if this was a common practice for them. I meet an experience legal nurse consultant before i took the job and she said she had talked to them, but they wouldn't call her the first phone call.
  5. by   mchrisrn
    Wow!..I'm glad I talked to you. (NOT that they would ever call me anyway!) I will definitely not get involved in that. Thank you SO much for posting. I have been a RN for THIRTY years and have been looking for a job outside the hospital for almost a year now and cant even get anyone to CALL me or show a shred of interest. I ALMOST got a cardiac rehab job, it was between me and another RN who ALREADY knew the program and worked there prn but they werent sure her department head of the other dept she worked in would give her the time that the rehab position needed. But of course they did so my interview, and a day spent observing classes was basically a waste of time...why wouldnt you find out FIRST if the dept head would be flexible BEFORE you posted a job ad? Oh well..I'll probably die in the hospital and SOONER rather than later. But good luck to you and congratulations on your Legal Consultant status! Thanks again for the heads up!
  6. by   jlasrrn
    wow, thirty years in a hospital! you deserve a medal. all my nursing has been in the hospital too, though. it is hard work. i have had the experience too of wasting my time with going through a job interview and then then give the job to someone already in the company, so aggrevating. i know there are other work at home jobs. i saw one from alego health on for medical analyst work at home. if anyone would know how to organize and analyze a medical record it would be a nurse with years of experience!! good luck on the job search.