Akron ohio RN wants to scrub/circulate... need info!

  1. Hi. I'm an associate degree rn in Munroe falls ohio, near Akron. I am determined to become an operating room nurse (scrub/circulate).

    But..... Summa doesn't want to hire me for this because I have no experience. Ditto with Robinson Memorial.
    I live too far away from downtown Cleveland to drive to those hospitals(Cleveland Clinic and University are too far, so is Metro.) so that's not an option.
    Akron University has a scrub tech program, but it's not until fall 2007 and frankly, I just got done with 6 years of schooling, first as an lpn, then through Excesior for my rn and the last thing I need is more of that.
    I have worked medsurg for almost 5 years. I want to move on!!!
    Do any fellow ohioans have some advice for me, or know of any ways I can get into the o.r. where they will train me? Does anyone know of a surgery suite or hospital near here that would give me a chance?
    Also, if I do require more education, are there any programs that are quicker?
    Thanks for listening!
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