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This is not specific to LPN's except one part of it is for OHIO LPN's. I got my "Momentum" The Ohio Board of Nursing Newsletter today, in it there are new reg.s for LPN's with IV therapy cert. Starting in the renewal of 2004 The course (CEU) for IV certification will have at least one hour of Ohio Board rules and regulations to meet the new reguirement of (1) hour of the 24 CEU's will be on Board rules and reg's. as it will be for all nurses (RN's, Dialysis Tech. and LPN) renewing after 2003.


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You have confused me as 24 hours CEU with 1 hour of Ohio law has been in effect for quite some time.

And, when I returned to Ohio I had to take the Ohio IV therapy course and Ohio law was also included in that. The course provided 50 CEUs but did not qualify as the "law" CEU for renewal since different laws were covered in both courses.

MMMM, something new I missed in my copy?

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