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Well, I went out and got a book of practice tests so I will know what to expect on the nursing entrance exam when I apply to school. I'm planning on going to a local community college. Since I had to take a standard english and math test at the school, regardless of what program I was going into, I did the math section first... Overall I got a 83% (about 180 questions total). Not bad, I know I will improve after I get used to working with numbers again...

Then I move on to science...

So far I've taken the Chemistry test and I got a 35% out of about 65 questions. Next is biology which I'm thinking a 50% at best and then A&P which I have no idea how I will do on it.

I also did one of the English/word usage sections with all the synonyms and antonyms and I did poorly on that also.

Now, I was never the smartest one in school but I am far from being mentally challenged. People have called me smart on more than one occasion in my life, but I'm wondering if I can do this? Science was always my weakest subject in school but I still managed to get mostly C's and an occasional B.

Should I take the basic science classes before I apply to the nursing program, or should I just go get Chemistry and Biology for Dummies? I know that if I apply myself I will learn this stuff, but how should I learn it?

I'm not giving up but I know that this is going to add to the time I will spend in school as well as add to the cost.

What should I do?

Thanks for letting me vent.



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It is my understanding you only have to take the NET now and not the RNEE. Check with the school before you make yourself crazy. The NET is simple math and reading comprehension. That's it.


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For an ADN program, you need those prereqs first. The clinical instructors expect that you already have the basics of A&P and chemistry behind you before they get their hands on you. In my area, the community colleges won't admit you to the nursing programs until at least some of the prereqs have been completed. With the competitive numbers going in, now you'd better have 3/4 of them behind you at my school. Of course they'd love to get their hands on your admission application fee.

For the NLN, if that's the test you take for your program, it's also to your benefit to take the courses first. You have to wait an entire year before you can retake it for a better score so you want to go in knowing as much as you possibly can and also know how to guess logically.



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What school are you looking at? (I'm in the DC area)


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My ADN program changed the rules so that you can take all the "pre"requisites as "co"requisites. You don't need to complete any first, but from what I've heard the best thing is to get them done first because the nursing program itself is intense.

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