oh darn: Chemistry


:bluecry1:I took Chemistry almost 20 years ago, I found out today that the D I got in chem 1B doesn't count as passing and without it my Chem 1A won't satisfy the chem requirement for a prereq class. there goes another semester!


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I feel you pain. I have a previous degree many, many moons ago, had some classes that I CLEPped out of, and the result is that because that was over 20 years ago, I have to redo Intro to Soc and Art Hist. Ugh-gh!!! Sorry to hear about your repeat!!


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I never had any chem so I'm taking intro to college chem now. On the bright side I've already had my trial by fire with a&p and compared to that chem looks easy.

BTW D's don't count since they are not transferable and can't be used to qualify you for any other programs so they might as well stop telling people that D is passing because technically speaking C is actually the min for a pass.

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