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Official pass results

Noelena Noelena (New) New

Hi I took my nclex examination in June and passed and I have access to my unofficial pass result from the pearson vue website. I did my pn license application in ks however I moved to Wa state and till now, November I do not have a license number yet. I have decided to withdraw my application from ks and do a new application in WA state. Wa state nursing comission said that I have to contact pearson vue to release my examination results to them, but pearson vue said that that is up to ks state. Is this the case or can Wa state aquire the results from pearson vue /ncsbn after I complete my application?

NurseGirl525 specializes in ICU.

Why didn't you just transfer your license? Why did you not get a license number from Kansas then just apply in Washington for a transfer? I couldn't tell you if either are compact states but you should have had a Kansas license number shortly after Pearson released your results to them. Withdrawing your app in Kansas is probably what screwed things up. You are going to have to contact Kansas as the have your official results.

I haven't withdrawn the application yet. But I already moved from ks and I do not have a license number yet. I was just considering doING an application for washington state since I'm here already and it's been too long dealing with ks


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