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I have worked in the office for a neurosurgeon since November 2000 and would love to hear from other nurses who work in similiar offices. I have never worked in an office before and so my skills are limited to what I can pick up on my own. I was wondering if maybe you all would have some skills to help me run the office more effectively. I have just recently became the office manager too and I am very nervous about my new role. We are also getting another Doctor in the office. If there is any advice from someone who has been there I would love it.


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I have not been on line in awhile and just saw your post. I see that you wrote this a few weeks ago. I imagine you are more comfortable inyour role now.

I work Internal Med so my office environment is different. Yet people are people , doctors are doctors, nurses are still nurses etc. We are all striving to take good care of the patients and help them maintain or obtain a better health standard.

I do want to share an online site that has been most helpful

This a diverse site with much to say clinically as well as geat info from a managerial standpoint

As a side note I have to admit I keep saying to myself "where are the textboks or written materials to guide us in the office environment?" If you find any let me know!!

The web is helpful!! Association of Office nurseses is another good reference group.

It is late and I tomorrow is my twelve hour office day so I will have to catch you again sooon!!

Good luck!!

Keep in touch!

Joy and Smiles to you**DARLA

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