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Hello everyone,

I am currently a Certified Nursing Assistant in Michigan. I have been certified for over a year (May 4, 2011) so I have a bit of experience. I have worked in 4 skilled nursing facilities, 2 at a time, but since August 2011 I have worked consistently at Renaissance Gardens at Fox Run Village in Michigan (which is skilled nursing and rehab) and another LTC on the side working with mostly total care residents. I am also in nursing school which is also giving me a bit of a leg up on my role and work as a CNA. I am also learning more nursing theory to prepare to take on the role of the nurse. So if there is anything that you guys need any help with please feel free to respond to this thread or Private Message me! I will respond and help whereever I can! It would be my pleasure!

Hey! I've only worked as a CNA and then HHA for a few months. I was wondering if it eventually gets easier? :/ i get overwhelmed sometimes and feel like I'm too sensitive for this and nursing in general!

I wish I could tell you that it will be ok and it will get completely better, but that wouldn't be realistic. Honestly, being a CNA is a very stressful job. It will have some good days, and then you may have some incredibly stressful days. But once become more experienced, things won't bother you as much so more. You become stronger, more resilient, a lot more prepared, and aware of your duties. Once you become completely acclimated to your job, it will be just another day at the job. You will be ok :heartbeat

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