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Offered The Wrong Position

Hi I'm in desperate need of advice but if this is in the wrong spot then please move it.

I am a second year nursing student looking for a job in the ER, one of my local hospitals actually has a student nurse position in the ER that I applied for along with the ER tech position. I had an interview on Wednesday that went very well, we discussed the student position and talked about what being per diem would mean for my schedule and so on. The nursing manager seemed very impressed with me and said I should have an answer by the end of Thursday. I get a call Wednesday afternoon from a recruiter saying the manager was extending an offer for the full time ER tech position, I asked if she meant the student position since that is what was discussed in the interview. She basically told me that she doesn't know anything about that position and I would have to re-interview for it. Obviously I was confused and asked her to double check with the manager just to be sure.

Long story short its two days later and I'm still in limbo with no answers and have been unable to get in contact with the manager after several calls and an email. So I need some advice on how I should move forward at this point.

Thanks in advance for any responses! :)

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You can't really do much of anything until you get in touch with the right person. But it sounds to me as if you applied for both positions and were offered one of them (just not the one your preferred.)

I would accept the position you were offered while you continue to try to get in touch with the Manager directly to be sure there is no mistake about which position he/she intended to offer you. If, in fact, he/she did intend to offer you the tech position ... don't sound disappointed. Acting disappointed, whining or complaining will only sour the relationship between the two of you.

Regardless of the position you are offered, be gracious and express your gratitude for being offered a job. Perhaps you could say something along the lines of ... "When we talked on May xxth, we mostly discussed the student position. Could you please answer a question or two I have about the tech position?"

Thank you for your reply!

In the email I sent her I explained what happened and had asked her to clarify which position was actually being offered since I got conflicting information from the recruiter. I would certainly be grateful for either position but the tech is a full time rather than per diem, this is the only reason I am so concerned with verifying which position was actually offered.

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If you can realistically work & do a good job, I think being offered a FT tech spot can mean good things as you transition out of school into a new grad role -- realistically into a ER spot.

Any new info?

Did you take the FT tech job?

Thanks for your reply!! I went to the hospital today and spoke with the recruiter for the student position and as it turns out she was actually holding the position for me :) she agreed that the per diem student position would work better with my schedule once school starts so I can keep working throughout the year.


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