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Did anyone apply to ODU for Fall09?


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I have but I am applying to the RN-BSN program. I will graduate this May with my ADN.

Hello -

I have applied for the Acclerated Pathway at ODU for Fall 2009, as well as the ABSNs at GMU and Marymount. I'm originally from VB but went to Virginia Tech for my first degree (in biology) and since graduating in '07 I've been living in the DC met area.

I've heard pretty good things about ODU's program so I'm excited to hear from them.

I called nursing admissions and decisions are suppose to be out by the end of March.


I'm surprised there are not more people on here who have applied to ODU


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i'm not really surprised that more people haven't applied to ODU.

they've got much more pre-req's required than VCU or UVA.

GMU's pre-req's look like a lot as well. ..

i wouldn't want to take more pre-req's like history, art, religion, etc. that don't have much to do w/ nursing if i didn't have to.

just sayin'. :)

Did anyone apply to ODU for Fall09?

I did. I will graduate from an ADN program in May and applied about three weeks ago for ODU's RN to BSN program.

Within ten days, I received my acceptance letter from the School of Nursing.

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