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OCVTS ? 2014/2015 school year.

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Hi I will be starting OCVTS in about a week. I got a letter saying I am in room 29. I tried to look online at the syllabus but it says homeroom A and B does anyone know what home room is room 29? I wanted to spend the weekend reading up on some of the books and do not know which one to start with first. Also I am kind of tapped out on money right now between books and uniforms and bills in general, I have enough money to get a stethoscope I was told to get a littman cheapest one I found was $58 or the nursing shoes which cost about the same amount. Does anyone know just how soon you need the shoes or can I wing the shoes to next pay day?

You'll need white leather shoes, preferably nursing shoes before the end of Sept to wear on lab days along with your blue scrubs. They need to be closed back, no holes/mesh. If you don't have a schedule yet, you'll get it on the first day of class. If you got the paper with the abbreviations and metric conversions, study and memorize those. You'll probably have a quiz on that within the first few days. Also, keep that paper, it will come in handy later on. Don't worry about what class homeroom you're in now. Read the first chapters of A&P and Funds. They usually start with those. After you read the chapters, do the corresponding chapters in your workbooks. If it says to color the diagrams or use different colored ink, do it. It's important to keep up on your workbooks. It will help you learn the material. Take lots of notes in class. Study at night and pre-read the chapters for the next day. Good luck in the program.

I am also starting tomorrow. My paper says i've been assigned to room 23 but no other information. Do we wear the blue scrubs on the first day?

No, wear street clothes. Scrubs are only needed on lab days. You'll get a schedule telling you what you'll be doing every day until graduation. They will go over everything.