PPD documentation for OR vendors?

  1. Is anyone familiar with keeping PPD documentation on file for Operating room vendors that are present in the OR during the procedure to acclimate the surgeons/nurses to their new products? I have never heard of it but it makes sense. I am interested in learning what other facilities do in regards to this, who would be the gatekeeper of this, where would you keep the documentation, etc. I take care of Employee Health at a small hospital and need some advice on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Sharon
    I am not aware of tracking vendor reps. Since the reps have no practical risk of transmitting TB or being exposed to TB from patients (they're masked, the rooms are too well ventilated for respiratory transmission, and there is not enough time of exposure) it seems a waste of resources to track. The reps I spoke to today do not routinely get PPD's and they cover Level I hospitals.

    The only time I might consider tracking reps are if they are exposed to large volumes of body fluids and can contract TB from your patients.
  4. by   mergency
    Thanks Sharon for looking into this. I have been calling around area hospitals and have gotten so many different responses.