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  1. I just want to share my experience, I am a 4 year Company Nurse at the Sports Center, working as a Sports Nurse and Doping Assisstan. then i moved here in Qatar hoping to land a Sport Nurse job. They say Qatar is preparing for world cup so Sports is doing great here.

    But i landed a Nursing Job in a Steel Company. is there any help or anything i can do to level my knowledge and skills in Occupational Health Nursing?

    I admit that i don't have any idea or clue regarding OHN. is there any seminars or trainings here in Qatar that might help me?

    Thank you for your time.,.
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  3. by   katkonk
    The definitive resource for Occupational Health Nursing is the book of the same title by Dr. Bonnie Rogers, who is the foremost expert on Occ. Health Nursing. If you can get her book, that would be a good start. There may be an online review course that you can inquire about through the University of North Carolina where Dr. Rogers is at. Also, Harvard has some good training in Occ Health nursing, but I prefer Bonnie's. Good luck and welcome to the world of OHN's.
  4. by   jepoy27
    In middle east, most companies don't require certification for OHN association or similar agencies. But it is your advatage. What they are looking for are certifications like ACLS, BLS, ATLS, PALS, etc. You can also get masteral degree if you want like; Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner - Occupational and Environmental Health Focus (AGNP-OEH) or Occupational and Environmental Health Specialists (OEHS). You can also read this for other information about occupational health nursing.