Internet Resources

  1. These are a list of the sites I use, in addition to the federal (DOL,DOE, DOA, CDC, EEOC,etc) sites and the legislative (federal and state) sites.

    Site Name Address Purpose

    Washington Post General news and Tuesday's health section
    MSNBC General news and event tracking
    Rollcall Congressional news
    Medical breakthroughs News service run by nurses for general media
    Accuweather Weather, what more can you say This one you know
    Medscape Nurses
    Current nursing info and free CEU's
    Casemgr Web page List serv for casemgrs
    Best Practice Network Resource for best practices in nursing
    Immunization Action Immunization info
    Prime Online CM ceu's, especial WC CM
    Continuing Care CM magazine
    Canopy Central resource list (i.e. ICD9 look up)
    FMLA of 1993 Law
    FMLA physician form Link to the form
    Job Accommodation ADA resource for employers
    Office of Disability DOL office Employment Policy
    Promed Best outbreak listserv, most rapid reporter
    Vet Consultant When I cann't find a clue anywhere else
    Kids Health I use for the under 21 employee
    Less Stress Funniest ACLS/ATLS simulator on the web
    Family doctor Self care flow charts
    Earth Med Alternative healthcare resources Health law information
    Pediatric When parents should call their sleeping Peds
    Neuromuscular Dx from U. Of Washington
    Dermatology skin disease some with photos, at times
    National Health Museum
    Forensic Panel Forensic information
    NIH Yellow NIH schedule of classes
    Health grades Grades on providers and hospitals
    Duke OEM International OEM listserv
    Medical Center OEM MCOH section of ACOEM
    Dr. Freidlander's Page
    Great page/listserv for path questions a favorite of US mystery writers
    Dogpile Search Engine favorite meta engine
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  3. by   RNIN97
    Thank You! Very helpful! Do you have any knowledge of "Occupational Enzyme Hygiene Programs?" How about the benefits of performing "Fit for Duty" or "Preplacement" assessments? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   RNIN97
    Thank You for the help! This should be very helpful! Any info to share on "Fit for Duty" assessments or"Preplacement" assessments?