Examining the role of an Occupational Health Nurse

  1. Hello everyone! I am in progress of obtaining my BSN and right now I am taking a class called Community Health Nursing. One of our assignments is to conduct a short interview with an occupational health nurse. If there is anyone willing to help me with my assignment, I would very much appreciate it! I will list the questions here so it is known exactly what I need, but feel free to private message me if you are willing to answer them. Once again, I really appreciate any help that is offered! Thank you so much.

    Description of the Role

    -Describe the nurse’s role in the community and give examples of what he/she does on a daily basis. Real-life examples should be included whenever appropriate.
    -Identify how and who the nurse(s) would work with for coordination of services to provide a comprehensive health program in the community.

    Role in Population-Based Care

    -How would the nurse utilize a population-based approach in his or her role?
    -Does this role include assessment and screening of individuals, families, or groups? If yes, please include examples.
    -What health education responsibilities does the nurse have in the community?
    -Does this nurse work with a vulnerable population? If so describe.
    -Describe an ethical dilemma that this nurse has faced and describe how you would have handle that situation.
    -How important would record keeping and documentation, including computerization be for a nurse in this role?

    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Role

    -If you were offered a position as a nurse in the role you have described, what advantages and disadvantages would you find in assuming this role?
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