Best way to become an Occupational Health Nurse

  1. Hello all!
    I am very interested in going into Occupational Nursing. I am a BSN, RN with 3 years of experience working on a Cardiac/Telemetry floor ( we are like a PCCU but it's a small Hospital so still under division of Med/Surg). What is the minimum degree required to practice? What path did you take? Any suggestions on how to proceed?
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  3. by   bfredd71
    I don't know what state you live in but the UNC Chapel Hill has a wonderful program for RNs looking to learn more about Occupational Health Nursing. They offer a 1 year course study that starts in August each year , the credit can go toward master hours. 1 week is spent on campus , the rest is online. I was in the first class 2008. It was wonderful. You get to do field work as well while in NC. ( Visit a Occupational health nurse on a job site). They accept nurses from any state to attend. I live in Texas.