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Hey all! So I've got an interview coming up tomorrow for an RN position with an occupational medicine clinic associated with our local hospital, and I'm SUPER excited as this is an entirely new field for me.  My primary background is LTC as either an aide or an RN, so yeah, huge difference but I'm so willing to learn.

My questions are these: does anyone know of what I could possibly expect to be asked during an interview like this? Remember it's not a job at like a plant or jobsite or anything like that- it's actually where they do drug tests, physicals, fit testing, lab draws etc. Also, with this being a very different area of nursing for me, do you think that would be a hindrance to them possibly picking me? And of course, do you guys have any advice on how to ace this??? I'm seriously so interested in this I can hardly contain myself LOL!


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Did you ever get the job?