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OCC Nursing 2020


Has anyone got their letters from OCC whether you're accepted (hopefully!) or rejected? I was just wondering because on top of Covid-19, I'm not entirely sure if everything will proceed as it was or halt. I'm also kind of panicking. I have decent grades but I can't say for sure that I'm confident in getting in only because of a slight communication error. However, if anyone has received their letter, would you kindly tell us the cut off score? I'm starting to really bite my nails.

Hi I recieved my acceptance letter but they do not lost what the cut off score was. I'm not sure if the denial letters will include that info or not

Congratulations! I received mine and yes, it did not list it. Which semester are you going for? 😮

So you're in?! I asked for Winter start, a friend of mine suggested being able to take pharm in 15 weeks, she just went through their program!

Yeah, I'm relieved! Ooh, I see. I wanted to start in the Fall but take pharmacology prior to that semester because I thought it would be too much to do those classes together and still go to work for the amount of hours they need me. But I realized maybe the 12 weeks would also be very challenging. =/ It all comes down to what I'm selected in though so I'm pretty sure I'll start with you! I don't know any people from the program, I don't think, but we could all use a friend. xD

You still take Pharm prior to Fundementals choosing the Winter start! You take it during fall semester prior to! The fall start you have to take pharm in 7.5 weeks during Summer 1!

Haha I bet it was a relief! There is a facebook group for students starting this fall if you want to join its Oakland Community Nursing Students 2020/2021

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OMG, thanks for updating me! I'm always the last to know. 😂😭

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