Ocala College of Central Florida, Fall 2021


Has 3 years experience.

Hello my hopeful future RNs applying to the ADN program at the College of Central Florida (CF), Ocala. I would like to begin a discussion forum inviting those who are applying to CF or thinking about applying to their ADN program. I am currently at 61 points and am slowly preparing to take the TEAS exam at the end of April. My prerequisite GPA I think is around 3.4 and this is my second time applying. My first admissions letter stated that I qualified, but all seats were taken. I was advised to save that letter because it is worth 5 points for reapplying, so here I am, yay! Hope to meet other future applicants so we can support each other on this journey. 🙂

Hey! Did you get in? I applied for Spring 22 and hoping I get accepted.