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...who knew all her pregnancy that if she didn't get clean her baby would go to foster care, so yesterday when the 72 hr police hold was placed on baby, she had NO idea how she tested positive for large amnts of cocaine, but after further pondering, she told the social worker that the Dad's sperm had cocaine in it!! I'm sure you OB nurses have heard it all and add this to that file!! LOL

I have to agree with kday. I find it sad that you need a liscense to fish, hunt, drive, get married, or even sell a car. But anyone can reproduce! And while the adults in question lead sad lives, it's the children I feel sorry for. They don't even have a chance.

I to am tired of new mom's that use drugs. Not one thought goes to that baby.... then after delivery they don't understand why we are upset with them. We place the babies on HRS hold and the parents get PO'd that they can't take their baby home with them. They just don't get it. Not to mention the cost of care for the babies (most for the rest of their lives because of braindamage caused by the drug use).



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It is sad, and easy to get angry, but I find that the majority of them do care....Sadly, they say women on heroin will at least attempt to buy food and things for the baby..Women on cocaine will sell the baby clothes...Had to remember that they are human too, especially when we may have to send them home with these babies. I get upset when I see so many of these families slipping through the cracks ( no pun intended) because social services is so overwhelmed. And I hate it when anything horrible happens, but doesn't it seem as though the sad things happen to the infertile or fertility people, who may be suffering through a demise when someone with a positive ODU comes through the doors? I can't stand it....No winners with a drug situation...

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