When a OB/GYN refuses a Doula for the "pt"

  1. I have a friend who would like to use a Doula for her delivery. I am certifying with Dona and I need 3 deliveries and I will be certified. Her doctor has refused to allow me to attend. If I can't get my "observations" in how am I going to run a practice. Any suggestions. I also need 3 deliveries as requirements with Lamaze International to become a certified childbirth educator. It should not matter to the doctor but she also told him I am a RN,BSN. Thanks. email me at nurse41175@hotmail.com
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  3. by   maikranz
    Yes, even in the "enlightened" North, some Cro-Magnums(sp?)still roam. Has he told her that he does deliveries only under general anesthesia yet? Will her significant other be allowed to attend? Is there a limit to the # of attendants allowed in the delivery room? Will there be filming? Regardless, it seems as if some education is in order for the "old" guy.
    Doulas are a fairly new concept in this country. He very well may need educating.
    If you are an experienced L&D nurse it helps, but unless you are planning a three ring circus, I don't understand why is it a problem.
    Good luck!
  4. by   jamistlc
    I feel your frustration, I am a Doula also and have many of the same and more obstacles that you face. It is my goal to get certified, but until I have the required numbers of clients a year I am just going for it and attending lectures, seminars, and all the CEU's I can get in the L&D area! Certification will come someday! As far as your friend they may want to change Doc's to one who has them central to the care and not the Doc's wishes as this maybe a warning of things to come!

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  5. by   woopcrane
    I'm sorry - the physician cannot prevent a patient from having whomever she wants to attend the delivery, with in the hospital visitation rules.

    She needs to quietly and calmly inform the physician that the doula will be there for labor support. (If you want to quote the evidence, labor support directly impacts on medication use and C/S rates - it's in the green journal - any OB doc is aware of this research) If the physician decides this is encroaching to far into his territory, go to either another Physician, or a Nurse Midwife...

    I perfer the CNM

    This is your friend's delivery

    Not the physician's