What about Surgical Tech?

  1. I definitly want to do something in the medical field caring for others but I'm not sure if nursing is for me. I was wondering if anyone has advice on being a surgical tech? I would love to work in the operating room on the labor and delivery floor. I can stand seeing blood and things like that but I'm not much for vomit. What sort of things do you see in this type of work? Also what is the pay like? I'm just curious. I still want to be a surgical tech no matter what the pay is.
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    Originally posted by kday

    Hey! First off, I want to say that I am soooooooooo jealous of you!! I used to live in Summerville, and miss the area soooooooo much!!! Mt. Pleasant is gorgeous!!

    Our surg techs do our c-sections, of course, but they also set up the vaginal delivery tables, assist the nurses and doctors during vaginal deliveries, do baby care of the newborn (weighing, footprints, drying...no injections, though), and keep the unit stocked. Ours are EXTREMELY valuable to us, and are an integral part of our nursing team.

    The pay is around $10/hr. from what I understand. I say go for it. Be prepared to work HARD, but I bet you'll enjoy it!

    This would mean you would probably see vomiting and BM! These are natural during the birthing process! Also emesis often occurs after anethesia, too.