wanting to go back to LD after 6 years..with only one year experience

  1. I want to go back to work but am having difficulty finding someone who will hire me. I graduated in 97 worked for a full year in LD (98-99) and have been unempl. since (first due to medical issue then as MOM) I was hired straight into LD because of my excellent grades and references. I've had one recruiter suggest going to med-surg (I feel less confident in that knowledge for crying out loud!!! And no desire...) I know I need retraining.. I do not want to be thrown back without some precepting.

    Aren't we having a nursing shortage?? It seems like it shouldn't be so hard. I've been looking at ob/womens health/nusery..etc.

    Anybody have any suggestions? I'm in So. Cal area. Thanks!!!

    9/26: I did take and RN Refresher. I was really suprised that I was the one who had been out the least amount of time. The next was 10 years and longest was 23. I couldn't believe their was really no length of time that, as long as your license was actice, that you are "OK" as far as the boaord is concerned. There were even people who had never been licensed who only had to pass the nclex in order to get licensed even if school was 20 years ago!!
    Anyway, the course was ok.
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  3. by   Elisheva
    I've been out for 10 years and my previous experience was on Med-Surg. I've decided to take an RN refresher course for a couple of reasons. First, ten years is a long time in the medical field - lots of changes. Second, I'm competing against new grads for a position and the refresher course is a way to show potential employers that I'm making a good effort at being current and can practice safely as a nurse.

    I wish you all the best.