unsafe staffing

  1. does anyone know if there are awhon or naacog standards for staffing an ob unit?
    i work in a maternal/child unit which means that it is all combined. we have 2 hospitals now(same corp) and the original is less busy than the new. the administration has just come thru with new staffing guidlines which we feel are unsafe. i need input from as many people as possible.
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  3. by   bbnurse
    Yes there are standard guidelines for staffing all areas of maternal child. You can find them in the American Academy of Pediatrics and ACOG published book entitled
    something like " Guidelines for Perinatal care". AWHOON has reprinted them in their publications of the standards of care. You can also see these on their web pages. For PP the suggestions are 1:4-6 stable patients and 1:3-4 for couplet care. For acuities such as post op or immediate postpartum, the ratio is less pts/nurse--and don't quote me but I think it is 1:3. Labor pts is based upon the stage of labor and what we are doing to them--such as epidurals, pitocin which is 1:1-2. NSTs are 1:2-3, active labor 1:2. Deliveries 1:1 or 2:1. Just look for the book. It may have another title but it adresses staffing very clearly and AWHOON also describe it. Good searching and I wish I had the books here to help you. I will look at work and return with the actual titles as soon as I can.
    Hope this helps you start. Try your medical library. Staffing is critical and flexibility is a must.