Transition from NICU to L&D or Vice Versa?

  1. Hi everyone! I am posting this in both the NICU section and OB. I am currently a nursing student in my last semester of school!! Woohoo. I am getting ready to start my capstone at a NICU in a hospital I'd love to work in. My main question is, is it difficult to switch from NICU to mother baby/ labor and delivery, or vice versa? These are the only units I have ever been interested in working on, and nursing school has solidified this decision for me (besides possibly peds). I know it is difficult to get out of these units because they are so specialized, but is it difficult to transition between NICU and LD? I ask because many of my friends who graduated a semester ahead of me already have NICU positions in hospitals in our city. I think I would enjoy working with either specialty, but I want to ensure I could semi-easily transition if I do decide to in a few years after accepting a job. I hope this all makes sense. Also, is there one that would be more helpful for me to start out in with a new grad position? Any advice is welcome!
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    In my experience, labor nurse for 2 years, it's easier to transition to NICU from labor. In labor you are working with adults and children and especially if you are also working post partum, you can be dealing with some moderately sick kiddos who are on the boarder of going to nicu. Plus, NICU and labor tend to work pretty closely together. I'm sure you will get to know some of the nurses on the unit. Our nicu is essentially attached to the back of our labor unit. Good luck with your upcoming job search.