Tracking baby names

  1. Anybody do this? Is this an okay thing to do? I love names, hearing names, what names are popular, etc. I've not been in L & D terribly long, but have a list of the names of babies i've helped the moms deliver. **first names only**
    only the name of baby, not the mom, not the date, not even the middle name. No one looking at the list would be able to tell where or when baby was born or who their mom was. And, its not even where anyone could find it. It's just for my sheer curiosity/interest. Names I wouldn't have thought of as being popular i've seen more times than I'd think.
    something like:
    nothing more

    Is this a potential problem? No confidentiality issues? should i ditch this idea?

    thanks ya'll
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  3. by   babyktchr
    I don't personally keep a record of all the names, but our delivery book does. One funny story. A longtime nurse of our unit retired many years ago, and at her retirement party, (attended by over 400 guests, including hospital higher ups) everyone was given a name tag. On it was a more "non-traditional" name that was given to a baby born at our hospital over the many years that this nurse practiced. (she was retiring after 50 years of service..all in nursery and L&D). Next to the name was the year the name was used. You would laugh hysterically at the names and the years that they were associated with. It was a great time...and the names created quite a conversation piece.
  4. by   HappyNurse2005
    see, we don't keep track of baby names. we keep track of the moms stats and delivery stats, but the baby's name isn't in there.