thrombocytopenia during pregnancy

  1. Hi all! I just spoke with pregnant pt (I'm a PHN who does healthy start home visits) who told me that she has developed thrombocytopenia; GA is 35 wks. She's having no other signs/symptoms of pre-eclampsia that she knows of--she said "all of the other labs are normal." I don't have access to her records, but she says that the doctor told her not to worry about it since her BP has been WNL. Is there anything else I should be asking her about now?

    I've checked online and thrombocytopenia during pregnancy, though rare, seems to be fairly benign. Please let me know if there's anything I should keep my eye on.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Jayla
    Oh! Another thing that kind of worried me is that she said she's been eating the same diet through the whole pregnancy, but has put on the majority of 40 lbs over the past several weeks. I think it's probably her diet (high in fat) but I'm concerned. No c/o swelling in hands/face, vision changes, headaches. I'll be checking her bp myself when I see her in person next week.