Student Nurse with lots of questions!!!

  1. I'm just getting started in Nursing school and am VERY interested in becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I will be going for my ADN and eventually plan to transfer to my local University to get my BSN.
    I'd appreciate any tips in what to do in order to improve my chances of getting into this area, and help myself obtain employment in this field. Are there any extra classes I may want to take, or extra certifications??? Just ANY advice at all would be appreciated. I am so SCARED and So excited at the same time!!! I will shortly complete my pre-req's and just received my acceptance into the January Class (pending my passing this term of course)!
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  3. by   l/drn
    momof2: i'm so happy you want to be an l/d rn. i started right into the field right out of nursing school(5 years ago). i was very lucky to get hired into a specialty field as a new grad, but i really wish i would have done at least 1 year of med surg nursing first. l/d nursing requires alot of time management skills, as well as a basic knowledge of med-surg skills. i'm unaware of any special prep. classes for o/b nursing, but if you know of one, it would not hurt to take it. any extra certifications can be taken after you've started in the field. keep your aspirations toward o/b nursing- it is the most awesome field to work in. most nights you will be running your butt off, but the rewards are great. there is nothing like being able to use your nursing knowledge and skills to help bring a new life into the world. i can't imagine being anything else, and i wish you the best of luck... nursing school IS grueling, but you'll make it!!!