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  1. This is my first time posting, hello all!!! I start working on an L&D floor in a couple of weeks and I would like any tips or words of advice before starting. Also if anyone can recommend a REALLY good fetal heart monitoring book and any book on L&D procedures and diseases during pregnancy, I would really appreciate it .

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hi Betts,
    The website was very informative and helpful. Thanks alot.
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    If it helped in anyway, i'm gladand you're welcome.
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    GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!! Grab the nurse on your shift who is having the most fun while doing a great job and learn all you can from her. We have one of the most interesting specialties. Let us know how things go.
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    Thanks Lisa and I will let you know how it goes....I'm so excited!!! It IS a wonderful specialty.

    (My 6 year old told me to add these funny faces!!!)
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    An experienced OB nurse loaned me her copy of "Obstetric Pearls" when I first started OB nursing. It has a brief overview of just about everything you'll encounter in OB. Michelle Murray, PhD, RNC has several books on fetal monitoring that are quite informative. However, for someone new to OB I'd recommend a "quick guide" until you can attend a fetal monitoring class. Your brain will be taxed enough as it is learning the basics!