Sharp Chula Vista

  1. I am a travel nurse and and starting at Sharp on June 23 but have not found any information about the labor and delivery dept. Does anyone have any insight? I was told they have a 2:1 ratio and am a bit nervous about this even as a very experienced RN. I adapt quickly as I am a traveler but some info from a staff RN would be nice. You know they don't tell you certain things when you are interviewing.
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  3. by   VersatileRN
    Their ER isn't a good place for travelers. I won't return.
  4. by   cervixwisperer5
    Unfortunately I have found out the hard way that it's horrible here and I'm in labor& delivery. So bad. I won't come back here either.
  5. by   VersatileRN
    oh wow. We should talk more about this. This place has a ton of internal drama. Most recently in the past year. .... i've discovered all their problems. I heard they recently almost went on strike. The hospital has been fined like crazy. Now management takes all their frustrations out on their nurses. Not good. Not good at all.
  6. by   cervixwisperer5
    Big time conspiracy stuff. Email me at
  7. by   VersatileRN
    It's really no wonder 95% of their staff in the ER are new grads. I swear, nobody has any experience including their 6 "Senior Nurses." Everyone else is under a year. Amazing a place can operate that way. They're also threatened by anybody who shows up with superior experience. It's obvious they're all threatened, because they treat those people like crap. They actually enjoy not having a single, critically-experienced person who has longevity in the field. It's very apparent.
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