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How common is it that a mom with pre-eclampsia/PIH has seizures after delivery? This is more of a question out of curiosity (my daughter is now 7), but when she was born, I had seizures from my... Read More

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    Quote from jennobrn01
    pt. 5 or 6 days post partum seize. She was feeling "bad", came to the ED, and while being registered seized right in the waiting area.
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    5 days postpartum with a headache. Her BP was somewhat elevated. We were in the middle of doing a cath for urine when she started to seize. Scared the you-know-what out of me. She had apparently been diagnosed with PIH, but never pre-eclampsia. The seizure luckily stopped on its own after a couple minutes, we got her on a mag sulfate drip, and she wound up ok.
    we had a similar case, although she did her seizing at home. NO PIH,but did have a couple mildly elevated bps on the day of discharge. Came back to us from ED, she had been complaining of a headache for a few days (but never called her OB or even us, despite having rec'd that information in her d/c instructions) and 5 or 6 days out, seized at home- while she was holding the baby! All were safe and all was fine in the end, but we did admit her and give her mag,
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