1. Please help me. Ob/gyn is not my speciality Pediatrics is. today I was admitted to the Hosp in Labor and my Dr was not on call but another Dr from another group was. My labor progressed from contractions Q3min to Q1min. and the Dr decided to give me Seconal which stoped my labor. I am still having contractions but not as frequently. I was sent home. I am 38wks gestation and feel I was passed off so my dr could deliver me instead of a dr outside the group. I would like to know what Seconal does to labor. I was told before I took it that it wouldn't stop active labor just stop braxton-hicks contractions. It decreased my active labor also. Is what I was told true?
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  3. by   LAARN
    I have worked in labor and delivery for 11 years and I have never seen Seconal given to anyone in active labor. I'm sure that you know that Seconal is a sleeping pill. I have seen it be given to women in early labor or those that come in and are sent home because they aren't in labor at all. I have never seen it stop someones labor. How long did they keep you and did your cervix change while you were there? Where I work we assess your dilation and recheck in 2-3 hours. If there is no change in the dilation then we discharge women home with a Seconal 100mg. It is very true that doctor's covering for someone else will try their best not to deliver someone if they possibly can.
    I hope that you have a trouble-free delivery with a healthy baby very soon.

  4. by   Cajun_DeBomb
    Thanks for replying to my message. This is my 3rd pregnancy and had never heard of Seconal being given in labor either. I was very upset it was given to me since everything I have found out so far about it is that it is majorly contraindicated in labor. It is a barbituate that stays in the system for up to 30 hrs, it also decreases smooth muscle tone(not the word I want but in other words it will decrease contractions) and causes hypotension. My Dr and another Dr in my group have both assessed me over the past 3wks and have both stated that I am 3-4 cm dilated 70% effaced and -1station. My dr predicted that I would go into labor at the end of last week or beginning of this week. She delivered both of my other 2 kids and was pretty much on target with her estimations with them.My 1st came 1day early and my 2nd came 2 1/2 wks early. I don't believe the Dr that saw me at the Hospital Sat because #1 she prescribed the Seconal before she even saw and examined me. The nurse that originally examined me examined me while sitting upright(HOB @60-70deg) which is a practice I have never seen before. Sitting upright is known to elongate the vaginal canal. The Dr although on the unit didn't come and see me and examine me until 2 1/2 hrs after the seconal was given....#2 when she examined me she said that I was fingertip dilated and less than 50% effaced. This makes no sense because you don't get smaller and less effaced. the sad thing is She was aware that I am a Nurse and she still thought I would be stupid enough to believe her. She also prescribed Tylenol with codiene #3 1-2 tabs Q4-6hr for contractions.......I refuse to take it...I am not going to take something my body and my baby's body does not need. I have pretty much been keeping to bedrest and not moving much to keep from putting myself back into labor if I can help it until that dr is off call..but come Mon morn I will be Mall walking....LOL...