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  1. Hello All,

    I am currently in the last semester of a BSN program. As part of our leadership course we are required to develop a research utilization project in our area of interest (which for me is maternal child health).

    Our group has discussed all sort of things and problems but it seems that most problems we come up are medical problems not nursing problems. Right now we are leaning toward use of perineal massage as a way to prevent episiotomy and other perineal trauma. However, I am not sure there is enough research in this are to make a good literature review.

    Any other idea's, suggestions or problems that you encounter in your practice would be appreciated.

    Thanks A Lot,
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  3. by   llg
    I think it is terrific that you are seeing firsthand how difficult it can be to "break free" from the medical perspective and to start thinking from a truly nursing one. It's a good learning exercise. I have 2 suggestions:

    One is to think about the aspects of patient care that are under nursing control and then how those aspects influence the final outcome. For example, the type of support given to the laboring Mom and her need for medication, or nursing assessment protocols and the early detection of complications.

    Another method to find a topic (one that is "quick and dirty," but often effective) is to go to the library and pick up a few major professional journals that include the types of research literature you will need to use. What topics do you find there? Do any of them particularly interest you?

    Sometimes, for a student project, it is better to "work backwards." Plan your project around the available resources instead of imagining an "ideal dream project" and get all frustrated because the resources are not readily available. Use what you learn in the first type of project to help you plan the ideal dream project later -- when you are not working under a deadline and the restrictions of a class project.

    Just my $.02,