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  1. Hello~
    I am a Junior in high school. I am really interested in becoming either a NICU or OB-GYN nurse. I have already been on one NICU job shadow for 5 hours and five OB-GUN job shadows. I have learned how to give shots, seen both a vaginal birth and C-section, and learned the role of being a nurse. However I have some additional questions that I would really like to have answered.
    1. Is nursing a flexible job for a mom who wants to stay home with her kids most of the time?
    2. Would you reccommend for me to attend a two or four year program, what are the benefits?
    3. In Nursing school do you do clinicals in ALL areas or are you able to choose, and how long is each clinical? 4. When your kids are young can you work only a couple times a month/ split shifts with another nurse? 5. What salary and benefits does a beginning nurse get? 6. Is it easy to get a job in OB-GYN right out of nursing school? 7. What are the pros and cons of your job
    I would appreciate any information at all. I know that I would love to be a nurse!!!! Also if you are a nurse in the Portland Oregon area and would be interested in being my e-mail mentor or allow me to attend a job shadow please let me know at Thanks so much!!!!!!
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