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  1. Did any of you graduate from a LVN program or as an associate RN from a hospital school? I live in Texas and there are 4 hospitals in the state that have a nursing school in them. One of them is in Houston its at Memorial Hermann Hospital. My question is.....did any of you go to a hospital school and what would be the difference in that or the college nursing programs. I am really wanting to get my associate degree in RN (I would like to be a L&D nurse). So I any wondering if I should go to a college or hospital program. Thanks! Jennifer
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  3. by   memphispanda
    I'm in a hospital affiliated diploma (RN) program. I already have a BA. I looked into all the programs available here, and this fit my needs the best. You just have to look at the pros and cons of your own situation to figure out what is best for you. The differences for me with the hospital program:
    Loan Repayment ($250/month) if I go to work for the hospital full-time after I graduate.
    Time involved (6 semesters total, including college and nursing courses, 5 semesters of nursing courses).
    Bonding with other students/faculty.
    Financial Aid was better at this program.
    Locations of clinicals
  4. by   Carleigh

    Many pros and cons about each RN program. Like Carol, I already had a Bachelor's degree in another area so a hospital-based diploma program suited me but if you don't have a degree, I would suggest at least the associate's program. Your employer once you become an RN can always help finance your Bachelor's in Nursing if you wish to pursue it. Good luck!
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    I am glad I got my diploma from a teaching hospital affiliated program. One gets a lot of clinical experience. You can always go back later for a degree, or find a hospital based program that works together with a college to give credits or an associates. I wouldn't trade in the clinical experience I received, for anything...