question about exercising and hormones

  1. I feel like I should know the answer to this, but honestly I don't, so I thought I would come to you guys and ask ya'll before calling up my GYN. Ok, about five weeks ago, I have decided to do something about the future of my health (ie. exercise and eating better). I have been doing Pilates, working out with the body ball, stationary bike, and today I started jogging. Well, since I started, I have been getting mild cramps, but figgered no big deal I am strengthening my abs and possibly my uterus (? got me, really...I don't know). Well, today after jogging (not even a mile), I started having some heavy cramping with feelings of nausea. Cramping eased up a bit, but then when using the bathroom, I noticed traces of blood (got off my period a week and a half ago). So question is, for someone who was fairly inactive up until 5 weeks ago, could it be common to bleed. Does exercise release hormones that could cause tracing? I will probably call my NP on monday, because she wanted to know about anymore abn. bleeding within the next six months after my last visit with her.

    Thanks to all....:kiss
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