PP mag patients-go to PP floor, or stay on L&D?

  1. for your pih pt's on mag in labor-as you know, they get to stay on it for 12 or 24 hours after delivery.

    do they stay on your unit (supposing you are not already a ldrp) or go to PP unit?

    my unit is LDR, and also high risk antepartum. (1 side of hall is LDR< other is APU, all thsame unit though). We keep all PP mag patients until the mag is done, on the antepartum side of the hall (other less stable patients stay, too)

    another thread (the one about m/b ratios) mentioned that they have pp mag patients on their floor.

    so, do you keep them or send them on?
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  3. by   JAHJF
    We are 2 units combined LDR and HRPU (high risk perinatal unit) and we keep all Mag pts till it is finished then they go to MBU until discharge.
  4. by   SASSYOBRN
    We keep all PP Mag. pts on our floor also. If the pt has been moved to PP, then requires mag. once up there, she is transferred back to L&D for mag. treatment.
  5. by   MIA-RN1
    You guys are lucky! I was the one who posted that our mag pts come over to the PP side. We don't have a ton of labor rooms, I think six and two or three that can swing if they need them for L&D. Our antepartums are on PP side too.
  6. by   rpbear
    They go to our maternal special care unit, staffed by l&d it is all high risk pp and ap.

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