Please advice!!

  1. How do you do?
    Let me introduce myself. I am Chong Hee-Jung, 21years old and sophomore.
    I am attending in Kyung Hee university, my major is nurse and science.
    I have not a good knowledge about nurse scientific yet.
    Please give me a lot of your advices and suggestions as you have wide experience at clinic.
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  3. by   woopcrane
    A nya ha sayo Chong, Hee-Jung

    Nursing in America is very different than nursing in Korea. We use much less traditional methods, and many nurses practice independently of physicians.

    We usually specialize into different areas:
    Critical Care
    Operating Room

    To name a few

    We emphasize evidence-based practice. That is whatever we do we understand if it is something that has been

    1) Proven to work through good randomized research,
    2) Proven to work through review of records
    3) Not proven experimentally, but we have seen it work
    4) Not proven experimentally, but it's the way we always do it (tradition).

    #4 always need to be questioned - it this practice truly effective?

    Please let us know what your specific questions are.

    If I remember correctly - isn't Kyong Hee University in Seoul?

    You might consider contacting the nursing department at the 121 General Hospital at the American Garrison in Yongson. The nurses there are usually happy to give tours of the hospital, and show how we perform nursing. You can find the phone numbers on the 18th medcom website.

    Good luck

    Patricia A Crane