Pitocin protocol for Inductions - page 2

What are others doing?- What is your concentration? What is your starting dose? How often is it increased? What is your maximum dose? Does anyone use a premixed bag? If so, what is the concentration?... Read More

  1. by   Taylorsmommom
    We're trying to come up with charting guidelines for pitocin administration. Right now we are doing a complete evaluation on FHT, UC's, and VS evey 15 min while the pt is on pit. With a 2 patient assignment on pit, it's impossible to meet our stringent standards, so we're looking to change them within pt. safely guidelines. HELP out there!!! By the way, we mix 20units in 1000 cc D5LR and start at 2 mu. 30 is our max. We do insert internals as RNs in out unit.