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I was filling out my care sheet while doing L&D rotation. If a woman just delivered and she already had a 2yr old child, would I fill it out as multigravida (which is true) or multipara since she now... Read More

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    Quote from Elvish
    Whether it's an elective abortion or a spontaneous abortion, it still falls under the A section. It still counts as a pregnancy for the purpose of counting the 'gravida' status.

    Now, talking about stillbirths, it is completely dependent on gestation. Any pregnancy ending at under 20 weeks' gestation is considered (or under 500g weight) a miscarriage (goes in the A category) and does not count as a 'para.'

    20 weeks and higher counts as a para, regardless of whether that child is currently living or not. Anything under 37 weeks is considered preterm, also whether currently alive or not. Stillbirth above 20 weeks/500g is considered a 'para' but not counted in currently living children.

    I much prefer GTPAL over G/P, as it clarifies far more and leaves less room for debate.

    Awesome, thanks.