ob nurse chat lines?

  1. I would like to chat with other OB nurses. I am a new Nurse manager over labor and delivery/ nursery/postpartum...I would love to know how other nurses deals with low morals and suggestions on how to keep peace with in the unit. The good thing that we have is that we are all very close and try to help each other out, but we are so short staffed that it pulls all of us down. I work a rotation as a staff nurse to help them out. Right now we are on for 24 hours and 24 hours call and off 24 hours.....Crazy huh?
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  3. by   Iris in the morning
    Are you short staffed due to open positions, or no FTE's, or an increase in your numbers?. If its due to no FTE's, some revamping of your acuity and staffing needs to be made. There are national standards that have to be met, if the problem is insufficient FTE's. I can't imagine boosting morale would be easy with the schedule your staff is having to keep. If the problem is that nurses are not coming in to open positions, ask your administration to put in some incentives for staff to recruit other nurses. Ex: bonus to the individual who does the recruiting, and a nurse comes on board.
    Your support of each other is the best thing you can do until the situation eases.
    Best of luck, and I hope you get some help soon.
  4. by   clara911
    i need some medical advice is why i looked for this website.
    anyone that can answer this for me, please?
    i am taking pills that create estrogen in my body. if you dont know, maybe you can ask someone else for me..
    i may need to get a drug test done soon, im starting a new job soon.
    i dont know if this pill im taking would make the test come back positive.
    its not a steroid, it just helps my body create estrogen. i have read all the ingredients or looked online to what might be a danger or not.. but.. im still not aware of anything that could make a drug test positive..
    im not a doctor or nurse, so i need any feed back , would be great..