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  1. I am a nurse in the navy. In approximately nine months i will be getting out and looking for a job. Since all of my experience has been in the maternal infant specialty area i am curious how the job market is for a male nurse in this field. What can i expext sexist wise from the civilian community when i am looking for employment. So i am trying to get a feel for the job market I have had only experience from the navy . If anyone can share there experience i would greatly appreciate it
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  3. by   Robin MC
    Hi Timothy. Here in the pacific northwest I haven't seen very many male OB nurses in the 10 years I have been in practice. Male student nurses do come through the dept. and sometimes it is difficult for them to find patient assignments due to their gender. As far as the job market, it is booming here. I think if you come in to an interview and impress people with your knowledge and eagerness to work, they should be able to get past the fact you are a man. As I am not in management, I can't tell you firsthand what my reaction would be to hiring a male OB nurse. You may experience more difficulty depending on where in the country you plan on working. Hopefully it won't be too hard for you. I think the more professional you appear and sound, the better you will do in overcoming the sexism issues. Good luck.