nursing and the military

  1. i'm a new nurse with 15 months of med-surg experience. I want to get onto ob nursing, however i'm in the military at a post that doesn't offer ob care except prenatal care. I've been so far unsuccessful in being able to switch posts. I have three years left and though I can't work in this field yet I want to start laying the groundwork so I have something to offer employers when I'm free. if you have any suggestions or advice on how to obtain certification or experience please e-mail me.

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  3. by   scg
    See if you can work in the OB/GYN or family practice clinic. Get a job moonlighting and take leave while learning. Hope this helps.
  4. by   jtfreel
    Having been a Chief Nurse in the military I can tell you why you are having problems transfering to an OB/GYN slot: military assignments are based upon your MOS and you are not qualified (yet) for these positions. Are you still on your initial tour of duty? If so, why don't you apply for specialty training in your desired field?
    If this is not what you wish to do, take local classes, moonlight and get yourself poised. Good luck.
  5. by   woopcrane
    Lala, I don't know if this will reach you but the way to change in the military is to CAMPAIGN for it. BUT don't let your dislike of where you are degrade your present job performance - show you are a real "go getter"

    1)Let your rater, senior rater, Assist Chief and Chief KNOW that you want OB! BAD!!!

    2) Apply for the OB/GYN course en route to your next post assignmemt - (you will NOT be spared from your present assignment for the course if your hospital has no OB - it'ed be a waste of their time and money)

    If you are in the army I know the courses are critially short and you can get in with as little as 1 year left on your obligation.

    3)TRANSFER to a post which has OB NOW or expect to transfer after the course!! (how BAD do you want OB?) Once there let EVERYONE know you want OB. go talk to the HN of OB, and if you are not assigned there, see if you can, ON YOUR OWN TIME, start to orient/learn there a couple of time a week. Most places have no problems with this - and it will make you a much more movable asset when a slot opens for L&D.

    good luck