Nursery nurses NOT NRP certified! Yikes! Help please

  1. :uhoh21: I work in OB. Recently had bad baby born - come to find out that some of the nursery nurses who attend deliveries are NOT NRP certified. I watched in horror a few weeks ago as one nursery nurse did not know how to do chest compressions etc., I jumped in to help, but she was lost.

    I addressed this to management and they replied that "well, usually the neonatologist is present with a delivery." This is not true, and does it matter? The nurse should still be NRP certified. How can you come to a delivery for a baby and not be NRP certified? It blows my mind!

    Any input, suggestions appreciated! Thanks for letting me blow off steam :angryfire :angryfire
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  3. by   babyktchr
    OOH my word!!!!! This is a huge NO NO. At my institution you have 90 days to get NRP and cannot do anything remotely involved with delivery or mom/baby on your own until you have NRP certification. I used to teach NRP years ago, and I don't remember the rules, but I am sure there is something in writing about it. Your facility is putting itself at HUGE risk and liability if anything, even the slightest thing, goes wrong. I can't even imagine this going on? What is their reasoning behind not having nurses certified???

    Sounds like a trip to your risk manager is in order.
  4. by   Jolie
    babyktchr summed it up very well!

    It is the nationally accepted standard of care that there be at least 2 people present in every delivery capable of performing a full neonatal resuscitation, at least one of whom can intubate. Anything less is a disservice to patients who trust your facility, and a wide-open invitation to a lawsuit should a resuscitation go awry.

    I agree, contact your risk manager.
  5. by   NurseryNurseRN
    We are certified every 2 years........I can't imagine not being certified.....besides we have to be........